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Weekly Letter to the Community, Week 34 of Distance Learning
Posted 5/2/21

Teacher Appreciation Week

Good Afternoon and Happy Sunday Cabrillo Families,
Teacher Appreciation Week
The first week of May has traditionally marked the week we honor teachers for their service. Teachers play a crucial role in the development of every nation. Never has that been more profound than during the pandemic. Please honor your student’s teacher this week and thank them for the very challenging work of distance learning. My wife is an excellent teacher. This year has been very challenging for her yet she provides a high quality experience for her students every day in spite of the pandemic. The same can be said for your Cabrillo teachers. They deserve your thanks.

Our Cabrillo PTA has prepared a schedule for the week to help you with honoring your student’s teacher. I will send separate Bright Arrow text messages the evening before at 5:00 as a reminder.

  • Monday: "Flood your teachers e-mail today"- Have your student send an E-mail to their teacher(s) and share a favorite memory from this year.
  • Tuesday: "Throw love to your teachers"- Make a video to your favorite teacher(s) and share in SeeSaw or Google Classroom
  • Wednesday: "Draw your favorite teacher"- Take a photo of the picture your child prepares and share it in SeeSaw or Google Classroom.
  • Thursday: "Write a rhyme for your teacher"- Write a poem with a rhyme, it only takes a little time! Share in  SeeSaw or Google Classroom.  
  • Friday: "Dress up like a teacher"- Dress up like a teacher and share with your class in Zoom/Google meeting.

Ordering a Yearbooks

The yearbook has been completed and looks great! Yearbooks can be purchased online by going to the Cabrillo website or clicking the following link Ordering a Yearbook. The yearbook can only be purchased online due to the pandemic. 

Materials Distribution This Week
Contactless delivery this week: 4th Grade on Wednesday, 5th and 6th Grade on Thursday.  The cafeteria doors are open from 6:00 am - 5:00 pm. 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

David Thornley
Principal, Cabrillo Elementary