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Weekly Letter to the Community, Week 8 of Distance Learning
Posted 10/4/20

Cabrillo Features Mrs. Schrank

Principal Thornley’s Weekly Message, Week 8, Distance Learning
Your Awesome Cabrillo Teachers!


Good Morning and Happy Sunday Cabrillo Families,
We will reach the midpoint of the trimester this week. That means teachers will be emailing progress reports to families on Friday, October 9th. California Education Code 46097 guides our district’s Board Policy (BP) and Administrative Regulation (AR) 5124. It states families must be notified when a student is in danger of not meeting standards.


To be considered “not meeting grade level standards,” students must be receiving grades of all 1’s, or mostly 1’s and a few 2’s with a trajectory heading towards all 1’s. The progress report will be emailed to you on Friday, October 9th, 2020.


A look at the progress report indicates the area of mastery being assessed and two columns -  Standard Partially Met and Standard Is Not Met. Our computer, PE, and science specialists are also reporting student progress on the progress report. A student who is not attending their prep classes will receive a 1 because our specialists have no way to assess student performance.


Three areas affecting progress may be indicated including Classwork, Assessments, and Attendance. The teachers will also record comments to provide more information for our families. If you would like to meet with your student’s teacher regarding the progress report, please refer to their scheduled office hours. Email your student’s teacher if you would like a Zoom conference. 


Cabrillo School Nurse
Last week we met Mrs. Diaz-Centeno, our computer specialist. This week I am featuring our school nurse Kari Schrank. Along with attending to the health needs of Cabrillo students, Mrs. Schrank is also a critical member of our Coordination of Services Team also known as COST. Please enjoy her video. 


Washington Attendance Area Meet and Greet
On Tuesday, October 6 at 6:00 pm, Superintendent Cammack and the Board of Education will be hosting a virtual meet and greet for the Washington Attendance Area. This will give members of our community the opportunity to get to know our new superintendent. He will be addressing some specific questions put forward by families to hear about important topics related to distance learning and the financial health of our district. Cabrillo is one of six elementary schools that feed into Centerville Junior High then Washington High School. Join the Washington Attendance Area Meet and Greet on Google Meet. 


Materials Distribution This Week
Contactless delivery continues this week with grade 4 on Wednesday and Kindergarten on Thursday. The cafeteria doors are open from 6:00 am - 6:00 pm. Please make sure to take the materials from your student’s basket.    

Stay Safe,

David Thornley
Principal, Cabrillo Elementary