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Principal Thornley's Sunday Chat, Week 7 of Distance Learning
Posted 9/27/20

Principal Thornley’s Weekly Message, Week 7, Distance Learning

Your Awesome Cabrillo Teachers!

What Technology is my Student Using


Good Morning and Happy Sunday Cabrillo Families,
It looks like the promised heatwave is coming to Fremont today with a high of 95˚ with a week of sustained temperatures in the 90’s. Stay cool Cabrillo.


Our contactless delivery of materials started last week and was a great success. This week we have TK-Tuesday, 3rd grade on Wednesday, and grades 5/6 on Thursday. 


Not only is this a safe way for your teachers to distribute materials to your students on a scheduled basis, it also gives our specialists and support staff the opportunity to place materials in the baskets. But remember, please don’t take the baskets!


And speaking of specialists...Over the next six weeks, my Sunday chats will feature our amazing specialists and support staff. These are the teachers you would normally see on campus and about whom your students talk effusively. Our specialists are well-loved. I first featured our amazing counselor Mrs. Amezcua at the beginning of September. Today you will hear from Catherine Diaz-Centeno, Cabrillo’s Computer Specialist, tech guru, and leader of professional development for your teachers at Cabrillo. She has been a critical player in maintaining our inventory of chromebooks that have been checked out to students. She also has been reconciling the lists of passwords and usernames your students will need to access learning. Please enjoy her video.


Mrs. Diaz-Centeno video was very helpful for our Cabrillo families. But you know, that beautiful video of the empty Cabrillo grounds devoid of children really gave me pause. It was a reminder that we are in distance learning for a reason. I look forward to the day when the joyful noise of children once again fills the Cabrillo grounds. But until then Cabrillo, Stay Safe


David Thornley
Principal, Cabrillo Elementary